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Just like your clothes, haircuts don’t fit all. After a hard day of dealing with abuse from colleagues, you can’t have a terrible haircut.

Knowing which style or right haircuts work best for you is the reason why, before going to the barber’s cutting board, it’s worth learning about your face. It doesn’t matter if you have a little extra or a lot of facial hair, it can make all the difference.

What’s my Face Shape?

But what can you do to determine your face shape? It’s really easy. You will need flexible tape to measure your measurements. Then take the measurements as shown and keep track of them.

  1. ForeheadMeasure across the entire face from the peak one eyebrow arch up to the peak the other.
  2. CheekbonesMeasure across your cheekbones. Start and end at the most pointed part below each eye.
  3. JawlineMeasure the distance from the tip to your chin and below your ears at the point your jaw angles upwards. Take that number and multiply it by two to determine your jawline measurement.
  4. Face LengthMeasure from the center of your hairline up to the tip or your chin.

Once you’ve taken the measurements, note the largest. Then compare that to the seven main profiles.

You will see where your face falls.Haircut designs

  • Oval:The forehead is wider than the jawline, and the length of the face is greater that the width the cheekbones. The angle between the jaw and the skull is more round than sharp.
  • Rectangle:The largest measurement is the length of your face. Sizes of the forehead, cheekbones and jawline are identical.
  • TriangularJawline measures more than cheekbones.
  • Round:A similar measurement is found for the cheekbones, and the length of your face. They are wider than the forehead, jawline and cheekbones. The angle between the jaw and skull is much more softened and less defined.
  • Heart:The forehead is bigger than the cheekbones. The chin is pointed.
  • SquareAll measurements are almost identical. The angle at which the jaw opens is not rounded but sharp.
  • DiamondThe largest measurement of face length is 1. In order of decreasing size, you will find cheekbones and forehead first, followed by the jawline. The chin is pointed.

How to choose the best hairstyle for your face

Oval Face Haircuts

The oval face shape is considered the ultimate genetic lottery for women. It may not be the most alpha for men but it’s an excellent canvas for experimentation. An oval face shape looks great with any hairstyle.

However, there are some minor points to consider in order to maximize your ovalness. Stelios Nikolaou, the Aveda master stylist, says that the trick to an oval-shaped face is to keep your hair low to the forehead. “The classic cut with short sides and ends is best, along with a side-swept parting.

Also, avoid a forward fringe. According to celebrity hairstylist Jamie Stevens: “Too much weight on your forehead softens features, increases roundness in the face,”

Denis Robinson, Rafians creative director, stated that it is okay to get rid of the beard. “You don’t need facial hair for this to happen, so you can go clean-shaven.

Square Faces – Haircuts

Square faces are considered masculine ideals. They have a sharp jawline, proportions, and a sleek appearance. Grrr.

It works well with all hair lengths. Be aware that the shorter the hair, the more you will look like you have been conscripted. That doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from it.

Stevens says, “Classic, neat haircuts complement a square shape the best–think close fading, side partings, and short layers.” A light stubble gives your jawline a subtle texture that doesn’t blur it.

How to cut your hair for a rectangular face

The longest of all face shapes, the rectangular face falls somewhere between a square and an oval. It requires a subtle tweak to ensure that it doesn’t seem long.

“Because a rectangular facial shape looks longer, you should avoid cutting the sides too short if the top is long. This would only accentuate your face’s length,” Nicolaou explains. It’s important to keep the sides and top proportioned.

Take that advice and try a style that allows the hair to fall to the sides or across your forehead. This will increase the width and make your face appear wider than it really is.

Robinson warns against pairing a Duck Dynasty mustache. Robinson states that a long beard does not lengthen the face. He suggests that facial hair be shortened, with a range of lengths from stubble to short beards to fill in any gaps.

Round Face Haircuts

A round face is defined by a cut that adds definition to it.

Stevens says that if you have a square face, you should consider square. You need to create the illusion that your hair is structured since round faces don’t have many natural angles. The structure can be added by a style that is high on the top but pulled back at the sides with a pompadour, flat top, or front fringe.

Robinson says, “Square corners at the high recession of your hair can sharpen up any weak edges.” A square beard will help to thin your chin and give you a more chiseled jaw.

Diamond Faces Haircuts

The diamond is a rare face shape. It is narrow in the chin as well as the brow. However, it has a width in the cheeks. It must meet certain requirements to look just like its name.

Stevens advises that hairstyles that are more pronounced on the forehead or chin are best. Hairstyles can add texture to your forehead. For accentuating a diamond’s bone structure, longer styles that can tuck behind the ears work great.

You shouldn’t make the sides too long. The width of the cheekbones will dictate the length of your hairstyle.

These features are more suited to softening their natural angles, so layers and lines are better. You can add size to your narrower chin by doing a side sweep, deep side-parting, or a shadow at 5 o’clock.

Haircuts for heart-shaped faces

It is slightly wider at the temples than at the hairline and narrows gradually to the point at the neck. The rare heart face shape can be enhanced with a few optical illusions.

Get the perfect frame for your face with our guide to the styles and cuts that suit every shape

Just like your clothes, haircuts don’t fit all. After a hard day of dealing with abuse from your colleagues, you can’t have a terrible haircut.

Knowing which styles work best for you is the reason why, before going to the barber’s cutting board, it’s worth learning about your face. One extra inch or even a little bit of facial hair can make all the difference.

Haircuts to flatter the heart

The typical heart face shape is more narrow at the temples than at the hairline. However, it can be accentuated by a few optical illusions to appear more balanced.

Stevens says to avoid very tight cuts, which will emphasize the narrowness and width of the forehead. “A medium-length style with a wavy cut is the best. Shorter hairstyles, which are kept light and thin, soften the heart-shaped forehead.

Robinson states that facial hair can also be a key component in this case. They add volume and bulk to narrow jawlines and chins. “As with the heart shape of the diamond, a beard can make a smaller, more prominent part of the face, helping it gain fullness.

Triangle Faces: Haircuts

Triangular faces require the opposite treatment to heart shapes due to their narrow foreheads and wide jawlines.

Stevens believes that volume is key to this style. Choose longer, more voluminous haircuts with fuller sides. This will add depth.

For your beard, you can only look good with light stubble. Keep your face clean and shaven, as the jawline is prominent in this instance. Grab the razor.

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